A Public and Political Christ

The Social-Spatial Characteristics of Luke 18:35-19:43 and the Gospel as a Whole in Its Ancient Context

Author: Bart B. Bruehler

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1606088513

Category: Religion

Page: 422

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Was Jesus a public figure? A political figure? Yes, according to Luke's gospel, Jesus was a Christ who was both public and political. Recent developments in the theory and practice of the study of space have provided tools to classify ancient social-spatial spheres with greater nuance and depth. A broad survey of literary and archaeological resources in the ancient world, as well as an in-depth look at Plutarch's Political Precepts and Philostratus's Life of Apollonius, reveals that the familiar dichotomy of public and private does not suffice to describe the Hellenistic-Roman milieu that shaped the author and audience of the third gospel. This study employs social-spatial analysis to explore how Luke uses the power of place to portray Jesus frequently engaging the unofficial public sphere and local politics, specifically in 18:35--19:43--the public healing of the blind beggar, the unexpected impact of Zacchaeus's hospitality, the political implications of the parable of the king and his subjects, and the publicity and politics of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. The result is an illuminating look at the overall spatial character of Luke's gospel, the development of Christianity in the latter half of the first century, and the role of place in contemporary Christianity.


Jesus von Nazaret und seine Zeit

Author: Reza Aslan

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644039119

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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Das Christentum verehrt Jesus von Nazaret als sanften Hirten, dessen Reich nicht von dieser Welt sei. Aber entspricht dieses Bild der historischen Realität? Kann es den grausamen Kreuzestod plausibel erklären? Der amerikanische Religionswissenschaftler Reza Aslan meint: nein. Sein Buch, das in den USA für einen Skandal sorgte, versucht zu ergründen, wer Jesus war, bevor es das Christentum gab. Es ist das fesselnde, brillant erzählte Porträt eines Mannes voller Widersprüche, einer Epoche voll religiöser Inbrunst und blutiger Kämpfe und einer Weltreligion im Werden.

Calvin Handbuch

Author: Herman J. Selderhuis

Publisher: Mohr Siebrek Ek


Category: Religion

Page: 569

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English summary: Research on Calvin is a growing field, and is presently flourishing around the world. Calvin's five hundredth birthday, which will be celebrated in 2009, has given research work new momentum. The purpose of this volume is to support and stimulate the research being done on Calvin. In addition to providing information for experts in this field, the contributors also wish to give reliable information to those who do not deal with Calvin for scholarly or professional purposes. Based on the latest research findings, an international team of acknowledged scholars provides a comprehensive view of Calvin's biography, theology and the history of his reception. This makes the work a unique handbook of research on Calvin.This volume is published simultaneously in English by Eerdmans and in Dutch by Kok . German description: Die Calvinforschung erlebt derzeit ein erneutes Aufbluhen weltweit. Der 500. Geburtstag Calvins, der im Jahr 2009 gefeiert wird, hat der Forschungsarbeit neue Impulse gegeben. Mit dem vorliegenden Handbuch soll die Forschung unterstutzt und stimuliert werden. Die Beitrager mochten damit neben den Fachgelehrten auch jenen eine verlassliche Information bieten, die sich nicht primar wissenschaftlich oder von Berufs wegen mit Calvin beschaftigen. Auf der Grundlage jungster Forschungsergebnisse bietet ein internationales Team von anerkannten Wissenschaftlern eine umfangreiche Ubersicht uber die Biographie, Theologie und Wirkungsgeschichte Calvins. Dies macht das Werk zu einem bisher einzigartigen Handbuch der Calvinforschung. Der Band erscheint zugleich in englischer Sprache bei Eerdmans und in niederlandischer Sprache bei Kok.

Calvin's Political Theology and the Public Engagement of the Church

Christ's Two Kingdoms

Author: Matthew J. Tuininga

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 131677287X

Category: Law

Page: N.A

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In Calvin's Political Theology and the Public Engagement of the Church, Matthew J. Tuininga explores a little appreciated dimension of John Calvin's political thought, his two kingdoms theology, as a model for constructive Christian participation in liberal society. Widely misunderstood as a proto-political culture warrior, due in part to his often misinterpreted role in controversies over predestination and the heretic Servetus, Calvin articulated a thoughtful approach to public life rooted in his understanding of the gospel and its teaching concerning the kingdom of God. He staked his ministry in Geneva on his commitment to keeping the church distinct from the state, abandoning simplistic approaches that placed one above the other, while rejecting the temptations of sectarianism or separatism. This revealing analysis of Calvin's vision offers timely guidance for Christians seeking a mode of faithful, respectful public engagement in democratic, pluralistic communities today.

And Freedom Became a Public-square

Political, Sociological and Religious Overviews on the Arab Christians and the Arabic Spring

Author: Najib George Awad

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3643902662

Category: Philosophy

Page: 261

View: 3255

From an Arab Christian perspective, this book introduces some of the substantial components and the pivotal ramifications of the latest revolutions in the Arab World, known as "the Arabic Spring." It offers a fresh, timely, and intellectual reading of the promising "Spring" in Syria and in the rest of the "born-again" Arab world. The first part of the book looks at the uprisings in general, while the second part examines Christians in the Arab world and their view of the uprisings, with primary attention to the case of Syria. The third part is an invitation for developing an Arabic contextual religious discourse out of the recent Arabic world's (deeply religious) context and changes. The book will benefit those who would like to have a general idea about what happened, and is still happening, in the Arab world, as well as those who would like to get some insightful and coherent understanding of why, how, and on what presumptions the Arab Christians base their appraisal of, and stances on, the Arabic Spring. (Series: Studies on Oriental Church History / Studien zur Orientalischen Kirchengeschichte - Vol. 46)

The Political Disciple

A Theology of Public Life

Author: Vincent E. Bacote

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310516080

Category: Religion

Page: 96

View: 5781

What might it mean for public and political life to be understood as an important dimension of following Jesus? As a part of Zondervan’s Ordinary Theology series, Vincent E. Bacote’s The Political Disciple addresses this question by considering not only whether Christians have (or need) permission to engage the public square, but also what it means to reflect Christlikeness in our public practice, as well as what to make of the typically slow rate of social change and the tension between relative allegiance to a nation and/or a political party and ultimate allegiance to Christ. Pastors, laypeople, and college students will find this concise volume a handy primer on Christianity and public life.

Hermeneutical Theology and the Imperative of Public Ethics

Confessing Christ in Post-Colonial World Christianity

Author: Paul S. Chung

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1610975022

Category: Religion

Page: 426

View: 3306

"Hermeneutical Theology and the Imperative of Public Ethics is a groundbreaking attempt to present constructive missional theology in an integrative and interdisciplinary framework as it provocatively utilizes and contextualizes Reformation theology and hermeneutics concerning ethical theology embedded within the wider horizon of World Christianity. Mission as constructive theology is explored and refined in an hermeneutical and interdisciplinary fashion, underlying a new horizon of postcolonial theology and mission in light of God's act of speech. Missional church founded up God's grace of justification and Christ's diakonia of reconciliation becomes ethically oriented public church as it is engaged in mutireligious diversity of people's lives and lifeworld in the postcolonial context of World Christianity. "

Sin and Politics

Issues in Reformed Theology

Author: Jeong Kii Min

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9781433103728

Category: Political Science

Page: 266

View: 9612

Sin and Politics: Issues in Reformed Theology is an overview of the relationship between sin and politics from the reformational point of view. This short theological history is comprised of three parts: politics without sin (creational politics), politics with sin (fallen politics), and politics beyond sin (redeemed politics). As a creation of human culture, politics have been tainted with sinful distortion in this world, but will be recovered in the future Kingdom by the eternal kingship of the Lord of Lords. Sin and Politics includes a summary and commentary on political discussions by various Reformed theologians. It uncovers the Reformed tradition’s positive regard for politics and the profound theological root of politics.

Democracy and the Political Unconscious

Author: Noëlle McAfee

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231511124

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

View: 652

Political philosopher Noëlle McAfee proposes a powerful new political theory for our post-9/11 world, in which an old pathology-the repetition compulsion-has manifested itself in a seemingly endless war on terror. McAfee argues that the quintessentially human desire to participate in a world with others is the key to understanding the public sphere and to creating a more democratic society, a world that all members can have a hand in shaping. But when some are effectively denied this participation, whether through trauma or terror, instead of democratic politics, there arises a political unconscious, an effect of desires unarticulated, failures to sublimate, voices kept silent, and repression reenacted. Not only is this condition undemocratic and unjust, it may lead to further trauma. Unless its troubles are worked through, a political community risks continual repetition and even self-destruction. McAfee deftly weaves together her experience as an observer of democratic life with an array of intellectual schemas, from poststructural psychoanalysis to Rawlsian and Habermasian democratic theories, as well as semiotics, civic republicanism, and American pragmatism. She begins with an analysis of the traumatic effects of silencing members of a political community. Then she explores the potential of deliberative dialogue and other "talking cures" and public testimonies, such as the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, to help societies work through, rather than continually act out, their conflicts. Democracy and the Political Unconscious is rich in theoretical insights, but it is also grounded in the practical problems of those who are trying to process the traumas of oppression, terror, and brutality and create more decent and democratic societies. Drawing on a breathtaking range of theoretical frameworks and empirical observations, Democracy and the Political Unconscious charts a course for democratic transformation in a world sorely lacking in democratic practice.

Forrester on Christian Ethics and Practical Theology

Collected Writings on Christianity, India, and the Social Order

Author: Duncan B. Forrester

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754664383

Category: Religion

Page: 521

View: 4720

Bringing together articles and chapters from his considerable work in theological ethics, India, and the social order, Duncan Forrester incorporates new writing and introductions to each thematic section to guide readers through this invaluable resource. This book offers stimulating studies in three related areas - Indian Christianity with particular attention to the caste system, contemporary Christian theological ethics, and the distinctive and challenging theological approach that Forrester has developed in relation to public issues.

Law, Justice and the State

Proceedings of the 16th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), Reykjavík, 26 May-2 June, 1993

Author: International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. World Congress

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9783515066051

Category: Civil rights

Page: 272

View: 4625

Proceedings of the 16th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), Reykjavík, 26 May-2 June, 1993.

Politics and the Pulpit

An Essay on the Rights and Duties of the Christian Pulpit in Relation to Politics

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Church and state

Page: 82

View: 5147


We Are At War

Book One: Origin and Progress of Our War

Author: Vitalis Chi Nwaneri

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 146341076X

Category: Religion

Page: 648

View: 2905


Religion, Religionlessness and Contemporary Western Culture

Explorations in Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Theology

Author: Stephen Plant,Ralf K. Wüstenberg

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783631577547

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 130

View: 2232

This first volume of the new series "International Bonhoeffer Interpretations" "(IBI)" contains several impulses for translating Bonhoeffer's key ideas on Religion, Religionlessness and the Church into current contexts. These impulses vary from prospects for a Christian university looking at Bonhoeffer's distinction between the 'ultimate and the penultimate things' to an ethical understanding of Bonhoeffer's 'as-if-theology' in the light of Luther's distinction between law and gospel; from a fresh perspective on Bonhoeffer's religionless Christianity in the light of his thought on 'oikumene' to a Christological re-interpretation of repentance as the contribution of religionless Christianity to the task of the Church in the United States of America. The impulses are framed by programmatic contributions suggesting a framework for reading Bonhoeffer in the 21st century in his hermeneutic exploration of Bonhoeffer's theology and the crises of Western culture, and analyzing 'religionless Christianity' in a complexly religious and secular world.

The Church for the World

A Theology of Public Witness

Author: Jennifer McBride

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 019975568X

Category: History

Page: 295

View: 7188

Drawing on the work of German pastor-theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jennifer McBride constructs a new theology of public witness for American Protestant church communities based on the public expression of repentance and redemption.

Power, Politics and the Fragmentation of Evangelicalism

From the Scopes Trial to the Obama Administration

Author: Kenneth J. Collins

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830863397

Category: Religion

Page: 299

View: 2197

Kenneth J. Collins tells the narrative history of the political and cultural fortunes of American evangelicalism from the late nineteenth century through the contemporary era. He traces the establishment of the evangelical enterprise in American culture and its influences on the political and social values of the American landscape throughout the twentieth century, as well as its fragmentation into competing ideological camps. Underlining how both sides of the liberal-conservative divide have diluted their message through political idioms, Collins suggests a way forward for evangelical political identity that avoids the pitfalls of fundamentalism and liberalism. Will American evangelicalism outlive its partisan history? As Kenneth Collins tells the story, there is reason to think so.

Seek the Peace of the City

Christian Political Criticism as Public, Realist, and Transformative

Author: Richard Bourne

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621890414

Category: Religion

Page: 346

View: 9117

Includes bibliography (p. 297-324) and index.