A Cornish Childhood

Autobiography of a Cornishman

Author: A. L. Rowse

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781850221241

Category: Cornwall (England : County)

Page: 282

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Author: Jack Dunsmoor

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1483428540


Page: 610

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OK2BG is narrative nonfiction, a Memoir about a guy who wants to be a Mentor preferably to a teenager, so they can have a decent & meaningful conversation about stuff & preferably with a kid at-risk, or just otherwise lost, in order to help both the teenager as well as the determined subject of this story realize their unique potential & find or reinforce their place in the world. Overall, a chronicle about the author’s attempt over several years to understand the question of ‘why do I want to be a Mentor’ which eventually helps him become a more insightful person. Subsequently in September, 2010 after a plague of teen suicides, Jack turns his attention to researching gay biographies into optimistically appropriate groups of books for gay kids at-risk, from bullying. After 5 years Jack has categorized 2,000+ books in the form of Memoirs, Biographies & Autobiographies written by or about 1,000+ allegedly gay men. The primary message in OK2BG is to read & reassess before you run asunder!

Twentieth-Century Mass Society in Britain and the Netherlands

Author: Bob Moore,Henk van Nierop

Publisher: Berg

ISBN: 1847883265

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 5785

From the beginning of the nineteenth century, Western Europe witnessed the emergence of a 'mass' society. Grand social processes, such as urbanization, industrialization and democratization, blurred the previous sharp distinctions that had divided society. This massive transformation is central to our understanding of modern society. Comparing the British and Dutch experience of mass society in the twentieth century, this book considers five major areas: politics, welfare, media, leisure and youth culture. In each section, two well-known specialists - one from each country - examine the conditions behind the rise of a mass society, and show how these conditions were distinctively British or Dutch. Drawing on history, cultural studies and sociology, the authors bring new insight into the development of modern European society.

A Man of Contradictions

A Life of A. L. Rowse

Author: Richard Ollard

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571302866

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 388

View: 1494

He proclaimed himself a genius and raged against the slightest criticism from fellow scholars; he was a Marxist who despised the 'Idiot People'; he could be generous and affectionate yet hurled insults at his friends; he inveighed against Puritanism but was himself in many ways a Puritan: A. L. Rowse was a man of many contradictions. In this clear-sighted and absorbing biography, Richard Ollard examines the many sides of Rowse's Protean personality to reveal a man who, whatever he was responding to - public affairs, the arts, natural beauty or events in his personal life - did so with tremendous energy and passion. 'An urbane study of the celebrated historian.' Antonia Fraser, Daily Mail 'Strikes a perfect balance between the Jekyll Rowse and the Hyde Rowse.' Bevis Hillier, Spectator 'Excellent.' Katherine Duncan-Jones, TLS

The Writers Directory

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781558620322

Category: Authors, American

Page: 1166

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A Cornishman abroad

Author: Alfred Leslie Rowse

Publisher: Jonathan Cape


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 318

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The History of the Anglo-Saxons

From the Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest : in Three Volumes

Author: Sharon Turner

Publisher: N.A



Page: 356

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A.L. Rowse and Cornwall

A Paradoxical Patriot

Author: Philip Payton

Publisher: N.A


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 324

View: 4452

Winner of the Adult Non-Fiction section of the Holyer an GofAwards 2006, and Overall Winner of the Holyer an Gof Trophy, this gripping biographical study explores the immensely complicated relationship that existed between A.L. Rowse and his native Cornwall. Rowse’s books, A Cornish Childhood and Tudor Cornwall, remain in strong demand, essential reading for the general reader and historian alike, and for all those who know and love Cornwall. By shedding new light on this complex character, Payton invites a greater understanding of the broader issues of Cornish identity as well as assessing Rowse’s highly original contribution to the writing of British and Cornish history.

A.L. Rowse

A Bibliophile's Extensive Bibliography

Author: Sydney Cauveren

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 325

View: 3213

A scholar of British history, the Elizabethan era, and Shakespeare, A.L. Rowse was one of the most prolific figures in the field of British literature. Rowse's work covers a huge body of subjects: Shakespeare's life, plays, and solutions to his sonnets; the work of Christopher Marlowe, the rival poet; politics of the 20th century; leading international literary and political figures; and Rowse's own poems.

On Extinction

How We Became Estranged from Nature

Author: Melanie Challenger

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 1619021447

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 9481

Realizing the link between her own estrangement from nature and the cultural shifts that led to a dramatic rise in extinctions, award-winning writer Melanie Challenger travels in search of the stories behind these losses. From an exploration of an abandoned mine in England to an Antarctic sea voyage to South Georgia's old whaling stations, from a sojourn in South America to a stay among an Inuit community in Canada, she uncovers species, cultures, and industries touched by extinction. Accompanying her on this journey are the thoughts of anthropologists, biologists, and philosophers who have come before her. Drawing on their words as well as firsthand witness and ancestral memory, Challenger traces the mindset that led to our destructiveness and proposes a path of redemption rooted in our emotional responses. This sobering yet illuminating book looks beyond natural devastation to examine “why and “what's next.

The White Man's World

Author: Bill Schwarz

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191619957

Category: History

Page: 600

View: 8270

The Memories of Empire trilogy explores the complex and subterranean political currents that emerged in English society during the years of post-war decolonization. Just as the empire ended, when white princesses waltzed with new black heads of state in celebration of independence from colonial rule, the registers of racial whiteness in the home society quickened, and racial segregation - the colour bar - became ever more pronounced. Where are the connections to be located between the racial dimensions of decolonization overseas, and the colonial dimensions of race at home? Working back from the peak of Enoch Powell's influence in 1968-1970, Memories of Empire seeks to illuminate the impact of decolonization on the political life of the old metropole. Decisive in this respect is the question of race, or more particularly the shifting dispositions of racial whiteness. The long colonial ordering of the idea of the white man, and of its various derivatives, constituted a powerful component in the ways that the empire came to be remembered: far from disappearing, the figures of white Englishmen and Englishwomen took on new force in the immediate aftermath of decolonization. The volumes track this story across many different times and spaces: the settler colonies, the Caribbean, in the phenomenon of West Indian migration to England, and the England of Powell and Margaret Thatcher, where these contrary histories did much to shape the political life of a nation. Through the medium of memory, the empire was to continue to possess strange afterlives long after imperial rule itself had vanished.

John Betjeman

A Bibliography

Author: William S. Peterson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198184034

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 542

View: 9375

This bibliography describes all John Betjeman's known writings, including his own books, contributions to periodicals and to books by others, lectures, and radio and television programmes.

Country life

Author: N.A

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Die zwei Leben der Florence Grace


Author: Tracy Rees

Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage

ISBN: 3843715076

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 6275

Der emotionsgeladene neue Roman der Bestsellerautorin von "Amy Snow" Die Waise Florrie Buckley wächst wild und glücklich bei ihrer Großmutter in den weiten Mooren von Cornwall auf. Kurz vor dem Tod offenbart die alte Frau das Geheimnis ihrer wahren Herkunft: Florrie ist Teil der reichen Grace-Familie. Mit dem Umzug zu ihrer unbekannten Familie nach London, verändert sich ihr ganzes Leben. Fortan ist sie für alle nur noch Florence Grace. Doch in der großen Stadt bei der fremden Familie fühlt sie sich nicht willkommen. Als ihr vermeintlicher Cousin Turlington auf der Bildfläche erscheint, findet sie in ihm endlich einen Freund. Über die Jahre entwickeln sich zwischen den beiden leidenschaftliche Gefühle. Aber der charismatische Turlington hat dunkle Geheimnisse.

Die Schatzinsel

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson


ISBN: 3961186421

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 384

View: 1977

Wer kennt sie nicht, die abenteuerliche Geschichte von den Jungen Jim Hawkins, der durch Zufall in den Besitz einer Karte gerät, auf der die sagenhaften Schätze des Piratenkapitäns Flint auf einer fernen Insel verzeichnet sind. Gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden, dem Gutsbesitzer Trelawney und dem Arzt Doktor Livesey bricht Jim auf, um die Schatzinsel zu finden. Doch auch einige Piraten aus Flints früherer Mannschaft, allen voran der skrupellose Schiffskoch John Silver, haben von der Karte erfahren und setzen alles daran, in den Besitz des Schatzes zu gelangen. Seit ihrem Erscheinen hat R. L. Stevensons "Schatzinsel" Millionen von jugendlichen und erwachsenen Lesern begeistert. Sie ist die klassische Piratenerzählung schlechthin.