5 Ingredient Air Fryer: 30 Recipes with Simple Ingredients for Budget Friendly Meals under $10

Air Fryer & Simple Ingredients

Author: Tamara Norton

Publisher: Guava Books

ISBN: 138647388X

Category: Cooking

Page: N.A

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The affordable way to make easy 5 ingredient or less air fryer meals! Air frying is the latest trend in healthy cooking with flavor. This book covers everything you need to know about using an air fryer to create delicious, 5 ingredient or less meals on a budget. If you have been wondering about air fryers and how you can make an air fryer work for you even though you are working with a budget, then this book is for you. With topics that cover what an air fryer actually is, how to use your air fryer, tips for saving while shopping for air fryer cooking, and plenty of great recipes, you will find everything you need to get started in “5 Ingredient or Less Air Fryer Recipes: Simple Ingredients for Budget Friendly Meals under $10” Inside You Will Learn about: ● The different types of air fryers ● How to pick the right air fryer for you ● How to use an air fryer ● Why air frying is a healthier frying method ● How to save money when shopping for your air fryer meals ● Low budget air fryer breakfast recipes ● Low budget air fryer dinner recipes ● Low budget air fryer dessert recipes ● And Much More Once you learn how to make your air fryer work for you, you won’t be able to resist trying out your own recipes at home! Don’t wait another minute. Learn how to use your air fryer to make 5 ingredient or less, low budget meals right away! Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now. ​

Freestyle 2018: the Ultimate Freestyle Program 2018 for Rapid Weight Loss. Plus a 7 Days Meal Plan!

Author: Allyson C. Naquin

Publisher: Andrea Astemio

ISBN: 138600507X

Category: Cooking

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FREESTYLE cookbook 2018 Delicious Freestyle2018 Recipes For Rapid Fat Loss, The Proven Method To Stay Lean And Healthy Do you often struggle to find tasty meal options while trying to stay healthy, and drop that unfriendly number on the scale? Freestyle 2018 cookbook heard all your thoughts and has released a program that may just be the answer to all your dieting woes. That's right trying to decide what you can eat just got a million times easier with the new Freestyle program. The new Freestyle Plan expands on the list of Low Points to include items like nonfat yogurt, tofu, most lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. This change is huge to the whole Freestyle community as that in turn means that you can fill your day with more healthy snacks without worrying about running over your allotted points. What's even better is that you can easily spin these low point s food into full meals if you play your cards right. With this plan flexibility is at an all-time high, and in this Freestyle 2018 Cookbook we will explore over 100 different ways you can take full advantage of all the flexibility this plan offers. What can you expect from this Freestyle 2018 Cookbook? • 7 Day Meal Plan with 30 Practical & Delicious Recipes for Freestyle Program • Nutritional Information for all the Recipes included • Over 70 Recipes for the new Weight Blaster Freestyle program! • Tips for Success a with the Freestyle program • And much more! Following the Freestyle program will help you gain energy, lose weight, improve your health, and turn you into a fat-burning machine, all without restricting or counting calories. With this book, you will have all the tools you need to fall in love with your body and banish your fear of weight gain forever! Get this "Freestyle 2018 Cookbook" and start to feel and look better today!

Simple et rapide ! - Régalez-vous - Laurent Mariotte


Publisher: Solar

ISBN: 2263070087

Category: Cooking

Page: 86

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Simple et rapide ! - Régalez-vous ! Collection dirigée par Laurent Mariotte. Des recettes faciles et rapides à réaliser, prêtes en une vingtaine de minutes. Journaliste et animateur culinaire à la télévision (Petits plats en équilibre sur TF1) et à la radio (À toutes saveurs sur France Info) Laurent Mariotte nous invite à sa table pour découvrir une collection de livres de recettes simples et épatantes, avec au menu 5 titres en mars. Dans Simple et rapide ! , découvrez près de 50 délicieuses recettes choisies par Laurent Mariotte. Animateur et journaliste culinaire très apprécié du public, reconnu pour son exigence en faveur des bons produits et d'une cuisine simple, accessible et toujours conviviale, il nous propose sa sélection , ses trucs et astuces, ses tours de main qui amèneront à tous les lecteurs à la fois le plaisir de cuisiner sans faillir des recettes inratables et celui de partager une table chaleureuse avec des menus et des plats dont on se souviendra avec bonheur. Au menu de Laurent Mariotte, des recettes à dévorer sur le pouce, des petits plats du soir, et des plats et desserts pour recevoir et épater ses convives en trois coups de cuiller à pot ! Sur le pouce - Salade de fusilli aux fines herbe - Bagels au saumon fumé et houmous à la menthe - Croque-monsieur au jambon cru et cantal Petits plats du soir - Pavés de cabillaud en crème de laitue - Gratin de pommes de terre à la sarriette - Tarte au livarot et au cumin Petits plats pour recevoir - Linguine aux palourdes - Magrets de canard et navets au miel - Coquilles saint-jacques au foie gras Desserts express - Clémentines corses au pain d'épice - Meringue moelleuse sauce aux pêches - Chaud-froid chocolat

5 Pounds

The Breakthrough 5-Day Plan to Jump-Start Rapid Weight Loss (and Never Gain It Back!)

Author: Harley Pasternak

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 1623364574

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

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For most people, the hardest part of lasting weight loss is either getting started or reaching their goals--too often, motivation is tough to maintain or those final few pounds simply won't budge, no matter how many hours are logged on the treadmill and how many calories counted. Now, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Body Reset Diet, comes a deceptively simple plan to slim down--whether you to need to shed those last few stubborn pounds or want to jump start a more significant weight-loss effort. 5 Pounds teaches readers how to implement five simple strategies as daily habits: • Walk 5 miles a day. • Eat protein and fiber 5 times a day. • Do resistance exercise 5 minutes a day. • Sleep at least 7 hours a night. • Unplug at least 1 hour a day. Readers will enjoy immediate results--dropping 5 pounds or more in just 5 days--and boost energy, improve overall health, and finally achieve long-term weight-loss success. With step-by-step advice, easy-to-prepare recipes, and motivating success stories, 5 Pounds will transform the way readers look and feel forever.

Jamies 30-Minuten-Menüs

Author: Jamie Oliver,David Loftus

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831018345


Page: 287

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Der bekannte britische Fernsehkoch gibt zu 50 schmackhaften Menüs, die sich in 30 Minuten zubereiten lassen, Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen sowie zahlreiche Tipps und Tricks.

Ingredients Extraction by Physicochemical Methods in Food

Author: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu,Alina Maria Holban

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128112026

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 638

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Ingredients Extraction by Physico-chemical Methods, Volume Four, the latest release in the Handbook of Food Bioengineering series, reveals the most investigated extraction methods of ingredients and their impact on the food industry. This resource describes types of ingredients that may be extracted through physico-chemical methods (i.e. specific plants, fruits, spices, etc.), along with their particularities to help readers understand their biological effect and solve research problems. The extraction methods of bioactive compounds and functional ingredients are discussed, along with information on green ingredient extraction strategies to help reduce harmful environmental and health effects. Extraction methods in this book can be applied for multiple purposes within the food industry, such as ingredients separation for food development, the purification and separation of toxic compounds from a food mixture, and the recovery of natural bioactive compounds. Offers advanced knowledge and skills of physiochemical analysis for ingredient extraction Presents various methods for food component analysis to evaluate structure function relations in changing environments Discusses the importance of enzymes during processing and storage of foods Includes methods to evaluate and enhance extraction, such as ultrasound, to produce novel foods more efficiently

Dictionary of Food Ingredients

Author: Robert S. Igoe,Yiu H. Hui

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780834219526

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 234

View: 892

Dictionary of Food Ingredients is a concise, easy-to-use resource, covering over 1,000 food ingredients and additives, including natural ingredients, FDA-approved artificial ingredients, and compounds used in food processing. Organized alphabetically, definitions cover functionality, chemical properties, and applications, and thorough cross referencing allows readers to follow related and similar ingredients. A section based on the Code of Federal Regulations lists food ingredients according to their US approval status, and a bibliography pinpoints further information. New to this edition are 'Ingredient Categories,' which groups principal ingredients by function and describes the characteristics and applications of each group, and E numbers for ingredients. In addition, the book will be thoroughly updated with new information on existing ingredients and newly approved ingredients.The 'Dictionary' is an unparalleled source of information, providing practical, scientific, and regulatory information on every important ingredient and category. This will be of value to food scientists, ingredient suppliers, dietitians, extension specialists, and students.

Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Author: David J. am Ende,Mary T. am Ende

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119285887

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1168

View: 8294

A guide to the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products written for professionals in the industry, revised second edition The revised and updated second edition of Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry is a practical book that highlights chemistry and chemical engineering. The book’s regulatory quality strategies target the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutically active ingredients of pharmaceutical products. The expanded second edition contains revised content with many new case studies and additional example calculations that are of interest to chemical engineers. The 2nd Edition is divided into two separate books: 1) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) and 2) Drug Product Design, Development and Modeling. The active pharmaceutical ingredients book puts the focus on the chemistry, chemical engineering, and unit operations specific to development and manufacturing of the active ingredients of the pharmaceutical product. The drug substance operations section includes information on chemical reactions, mixing, distillations, extractions, crystallizations, filtration, drying, and wet and dry milling. In addition, the book includes many applications of process modeling and modern software tools that are geared toward batch-scale and continuous drug substance pharmaceutical operations. This updated second edition: • Contains 30new chapters or revised chapters specific to API, covering topics including: manufacturing quality by design, computational approaches, continuous manufacturing, crystallization and final form, process safety • Expanded topics of scale-up, continuous processing, applications of thermodynamics and thermodynamic modeling, filtration and drying • Presents updated and expanded example calculations • Includes contributions from noted experts in the field Written for pharmaceutical engineers, chemical engineers, undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and manufacturing, the second edition of Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry focuses on the development and chemical engineering as well as operations specific to the design, formulation, and manufacture of drug substance and products.

Homemade Bread Recipes - A Simple and Easy Bread Machine Cookbook

Author: Cathy L. Kidd

Publisher: Luini Unlimited

ISBN: 1468016458

Category: Cooking

Page: 94

View: 1929

Homemade Bread Recipes, A Simple and Easy Bread Machine Cookbook contains 137 easy to make bread machine recipes using common ingredients. This book is designed to give you what you want – the recipes! No fluff, no repetitive information that you already know, just the ingredients and quantities to make unique homemade bread in your bread machine. Any unusual instructions are included with the recipe so the results will come out just right. Try Bailey's Irish Cream Bread, Yorkshire Spice Bread and Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread to amaze and delight your friends and family.

Die 8-Wochen-Blutzucker-Diät

Der Erfolgsplan gegen Typ-2-Diabetes und Übergewicht

Author: Dr. Michael Mosley

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641202396

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

View: 8877

Leiden Sie an erhöhtem Blutzucker, Typ-2-Diabetes oder Übergewicht? Vielleicht sind Sie ständig durstig oder müssen häufig auf die Toilette. Vielleicht heilen Ihre Wunden nur langsam oder Sie sind ungewöhnlich müde. Oder Sie haben – was wesentlich wahrscheinlicher ist – gar keine Symptome. Millionen Menschen haben überhöhte Blutzuckerspiegel – und doch ahnen viele nichts davon. Als der Bestsellerautor und Ernährungsexperte Dr. Michael Mosley (»Fast Diet«, »Fast Fitness«) selbst die Diagnose Typ-2-Diabetes erhielt, begann er umgehend damit, sich mit dem wissenschaftlichen Zusammenhang zwischen Kalorien, Kohlenhydraten, Adipositas, Insulin und Diabetes zu beschäftigen. In seinem neuen Buch dreht sich alles um einen der wichtigsten Gradmesser unserer Gesundheit, den Blutzucker, um dessen heimtückischen Anstieg, der einem Typ-2-Diabetes vorausgeht – den sogenannten Prädiabetes – und um die regelrechte Diabetes-Epidemie, welche die Welt in den letzten Jahren erfasst hat. Aus seinen Forschungsergebnissen entwickelte er gemeinsam mit Diabetes-Spezialisten und Blutzucker-Experten eine Diätmethode, die Typ-2-Diabetes in nur acht Wochen umkehren und die den gefährlichen Prädiabetes am Fortschreiten hindern kann. Mit Selbsttest und 50 Rezepten.

Genial italienisch

Author: Jamie Oliver,David Loftus,Susanne Vogel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831008797

Category: Cooking, Italian

Page: 335

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Kochen mit Jamie Oliver

von Anfang an genial ; [the naked chef - Englands junger Spitzenkoch]

Author: Jamie Oliver

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831016365


Page: 250

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Salz. Fett. Säure. Hitze

Die vier Elemente guten Kochens.

Author: Samin Nosrat

Publisher: Antje Kunstmann

ISBN: 3956142829

Category: Cooking

Page: 472

View: 2917

Samin Nosrat verdichtet ihre reiche Erfahrung als Köchin und Kochlehrerin zu einem so einfachen wie revolutionären Ansatz. Es geht dabei um die vier zentralen Grundlagen guten Kochens: Salz, Fett, Säure und Hitze. Salz – das die Aromen vertieft. Fett – das sie trägt und attraktive Konsistenzen ermöglicht. Säure – die alle Aromen ausbalanciert. Und Hitze – die die Konsistenz eines Gerichts letztendlich bestimmt. Wer mit diesen vier Elementen souverän umgeht, kann exzellent kochen, ohne sich an Rezepte klammern zu müssen. Voller profundem Wissen, aber mit leichter Hand und gewinnendem Ton führt Nosrat in alle theoretischen und praktischen Aspekte guten Kochens ein, vermittelt Grundlagen und Küchenchemie und verrät jede Menge inspirierender Tipps und Tricks. In über 100 unkomplizierten Rezepten wird das Wissen vertieft und erprobt: frische Salate, perfekt gewürzte Saucen, intensiv schmeckende Gemüsegerichte, die besten Pastas, 13 Huhn-Varianten, zartes Fleisch, köstliche Kuchen und Desserts. Samin Nosrats Rezepte ermuntern zum Ausprobieren und zum Improvisieren. Angereichert mit appetitanregenden Illustrationen und informativen Grafiken ist dieses Buch ein unverzichtbarer Küchenkompass, der Anfänger genauso glücklich macht wie geübte Köche.

Party Snacks!

50 Simple, Stylish Recipes to Make You a Popular Party Host

Author: A. J. Rathbun

Publisher: Harvard Common Press

ISBN: 9781558323476

Category: Cooking

Page: 95

View: 3337

In five concise chapters, Rathbun offers 50 recipes for stuffed, skewered, baked, dipped, spreadable, and speedy party snacks.

17 Day Diet Cookbook Reloaded: Top 70 Delicious Cycle 1 Recipes Cookbook For Your Rapid Weight Loss

Author: Samantha Michaels

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1628845058

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 53

View: 6946

The 17 Day Diet offers a lifetime plan for shedding pounds fast in a safe and lasting way. The program is structured around four 17 day cycles: Accelerate--the rapid weight loss portion, which helps flush sugar and fat storage from your system Activate--the metabolic restart portion, with alternating low and high calorie days to help shed body fat Achieve--the phase that involves learning to control portions and introducing new fitness routines Arrive--a combination of the first three cycles to keep good habits up for good. On weekends, enjoy your favorite foods! In this guide, 17 Day Diet Reloaded: The Ultimate Step by Step Cheat Sheet on How to Lose Weight & Sustain It Now, we will document a quick and easy way to implement this diet with easy to use cheat sheets and ultimate mistakes to avoid. The best guide for someone who is busy and wants to get the whole gist of this diet and implement the 17 day diet in the next one hour! 7) 17 day diet recipes The 17 Day Diet offers a lifetime plan for shedding pounds fast in a safe and lasting way. The program is structured around four 17 day cycles: Accelerate--the rapid weight loss portion, which helps flush sugar and fat storage from your system Activate--the metabolic restart portion, with alternating low and high calorie days to help shed body fat Achieve--the phase that involves learning to control portions and introducing new fitness routines Arrive--a combination of the first three cycles to keep good habits up for good. On weekends, enjoy your favorite foods! In this guide, 17 Day Diet Cookbook Reloaded: Top 70 Delicious Cycle 1 Recipes Cookbook For Your Rapid Weight Loss you will get immediate access to 70 top 17 day diet recipes for cycle 1 on your kindle. This guides makes shopping for ingredients, creating a menu and food lists easy with cycle 1 recipes at your fingertips. With a plethora of cycle 1 foods,breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes you won't even remember you're dieting.

Recettes du Sud

une cuisine végétarienne rapide et facile

Author: N.A

Publisher: Editions d'en bas

ISBN: 9782829002441


Page: 175

View: 4746